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7 Ways to Help Your Pet Beat the Heat

Pets love frolicking in the summer sun with their families, but they too often fall victim to overheating. Keep your furry pal cool and safe this summer by following our South Shores Pet Clinic team’s heat safety tips. #1: Exercise your pet safely on hot and humid days Your pet does not always know when [...]

What to Ask When Considering Pet Insurance

When you first locked eyes with your pet, you probably pictured all of the exciting adventures you’d go on together and the special memories you’d create together. You probably didn’t envision the potential emergencies and costly veterinary care that often come with being a pet owner. While shopping for pet insurance isn’t on the list [...]

Achoo IQ—Pet Allergy Facts

Allergies make life miserable for pets and people. But, because dog and cat allergies don’t always resemble our own, they often go unnoticed—leaving pets alone with their misery. Understanding pet allergies can help you identify early warning signs and seek prompt veterinary care at South Shores Pet Clinic. Here are some helpful facts about the [...]

Preventing Common Puppy Behavior Problems

Ah, puppies! These lively, excitable little bundles of joy can breathe new energy and excitement into a home, but without proper care and training they can also create a lot of chaos. Learn how basic training and management can prevent unwanted behaviors and protect your puppy from the world—and themselves—with this five-step guide from South [...]

Toxic Tales: Pets Who Sniffed Out Common Household Toxins

Pets are inquisitive, and this trait can land them in trouble if they follow their nose to a potential toxin. Read the following cautionary tales, to learn about common toxins that can harm your pet. Fergie’s fascination with food Fergie was your typical chowhound—if it fell on the floor, she ate it. She was also [...]

Your Pet Has Teeth, Too! Dental Health and Disease in Pets

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, a time when the veterinary profession brings awareness to the importance of pet oral health care. If you’ve never thought about your pet’s teeth, now is a great time to start. Your pet’s dental health impacts their overall wellness, so your South Shores Pet Clinic team would like [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Veterinarian Is Overwhelmed

In the past, you may have been used to scheduling your pet’s appointment the same day you called. However, now you may be facing a wait of days, weeks, or months before your veterinarian can see your pet. Why? In short, COVID-19 has greatly affected the veterinary industry. As with many other businesses, the pandemic [...]

Help For Your Arthritic Pet

Arthritis can significantly impact your pet’s quality of life, but many lifestyle changes and therapeutic treatments can keep pets comfortable for an extended period of time. Don’t let chronic joint pain limit your pet—talk to your South Shores Pet Clinic veterinarian about options for reducing inflammation, minimizing pain, and improving mobility.  Defining arthritis in pets [...]

Meeting Your Pet Senior Citizen’s Needs

South Shores Pet Clinic is your partner in caring for your senior pet. We know your pet, their medical history, their lifestyle, and their individual risk factors. We also know that their major areas of increased needs as senior pets are veterinary care, pain relief, physical support, and dietary adjustments. Together, we can prepare a [...]

5 Tips to Help Your Pet Maintain a Healthy Weight

Since more than half of the American pet population is overweight or obese, there’s a good chance your furry pal is more fat than fluff. If your pet falls within the 56% of dogs or 60% of cats who are overweight or obese in the U.S., they need help reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. [...]

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