Super Seniors! 5 Simple Ways to Support Your Aging Pet

There’s something uniquely special about the bond between a senior pet and their owner. The ease and the intuitive understanding that develops with each passing year create a deep connection that we wish could last forever. However, watching your pet age can be bittersweet, as their once effortless movements become stiff and sometimes arthritic, their [...]

Pet Obesity and Weight Management Tips

Our nation’s obesity epidemic has extended beyond people to include pets. Excess weight can lead to serious health problems, reduce your pet’s life expectancy, and significantly diminish their quality of life (QOL). Whether your pet is visibly overweight, currently at a healthy weight, or you’re not sure, we can help. Our South Shores Pet Clinic [...]

Much Ado About Everything: How to Tell if Your Cat Is Stressed

Your cat has the sweet life—an overflowing food bowl, a sunny spot on the couch, and all the chin rubs they want. So, when your feline friend acts out in unusual ways, you may wonder what they have to complain about. Oftentimes, the culprit behind feline behavioral problems is stress, as cats are highly sensitive [...]

Early Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease in Pets

Every organ in your pet’s body performs vital life functions, and the kidneys are no exception. While these workhorses can continue to perform their duties until they’ve sustained a great deal of damage, protecting and preserving kidney function helps your pet live a longer, healthier life. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common cause for [...]

In the Hot Seat: Pet Heat Safety Q and A

Here in sunny California, we’re accustomed to a hearty dose of vitamin C. But, our pets don’t always share the thrill we get from basking in the summer sun—perhaps because they realize that the warm weather can lead to serious heat-related injuries, including dehydration, paw pad burns, heat exhaustion, and life-threatening heatstroke. Every summer, the [...]

Celebrate Good Pets: July Fourth Safety

Independence Day is one of the most dangerous holidays for pets, but you can take a few precautions and still enjoy a fun, festive, and pet-friendly Fourth.  Make plans to celebrate good pets and good times with this pet-safe summer party planning guide from South Shores Pet Clinic. Stay safe and sound: Avoid pet escape [...]

5 Conditions That Make Your Pet Itch

Your pet scratching, licking, and chewing all day not only makes your poor pet miserable, but also gets under your skin. Allergies are a common itch culprit that commonly start in springtime, but they aren’t the only cause. South Shores Pet Clinic shares the top reasons why your pet itches, and how our team diagnoses [...]

Why Your Pet’s Eating or Drinking Habits Change

The amount of food and water your pet consumes is a key health indicator. If their eating or drinking habits change, something may be off with your four-legged friend’s health. Read our South Shores Pet Clinic team’s guide to common health issues that cause your pet’s appetite and thirst levels to change. Why is my [...]

Fur-getful Seniors—Cognitive Dysfunction in Aging Pets

Watching our pets age can be emotionally challenging. In the blink of an eye, their graceful steps seem to become stiff and labored, the bright eyes that once reflected so much love are clouded and opaque, and the sound of their name or a chip bag opening no longer seems to register. Along with their [...]

Pet Dental Care FAQs

Your pet’s oral health is critical to their overall health and happiness, as dental pain can significantly impact their life. To help you care for your four-legged friend’s oral health, our South Shores Pet Clinic team answers common questions about pet dental care. Question: What causes dental disease in pets? Answer: About 24 hours after [...]

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