5 Conditions That Make Your Pet Itch

Your pet scratching, licking, and chewing all day not only makes your poor pet miserable, but also gets under your skin. Allergies are a common itch culprit that commonly start in springtime, but they aren’t the only cause. South Shores Pet Clinic shares the top reasons why your pet itches, and how our team diagnoses [...]

Why Your Pet’s Eating or Drinking Habits Change

The amount of food and water your pet consumes is a key health indicator. If their eating or drinking habits change, something may be off with your four-legged friend’s health. Read our South Shores Pet Clinic team’s guide to common health issues that cause your pet’s appetite and thirst levels to change. Why is my [...]

Fur-getful Seniors—Cognitive Dysfunction in Aging Pets

Watching our pets age can be emotionally challenging. In the blink of an eye, their graceful steps seem to become stiff and labored, the bright eyes that once reflected so much love are clouded and opaque, and the sound of their name or a chip bag opening no longer seems to register. Along with their [...]

Pet Dental Care FAQs

Your pet’s oral health is critical to their overall health and happiness, as dental pain can significantly impact their life. To help you care for your four-legged friend’s oral health, our South Shores Pet Clinic team answers common questions about pet dental care. Question: What causes dental disease in pets? Answer: About 24 hours after [...]

How to Set Pet New Year’s Resolutions

People set New Year’s resolutions meant to help reach personal goals, and they also can be set to reach wellness and lifestyle goals for pets. But, where do you start to determine the best resolutions for your pet? Use our South Shores Pet Clinic team’s guidelines to determine the resolutions that will best benefit your [...]

Pet Arthritis

Arthritis is joint inflammation and degeneration that is one of the most common conditions affecting middle-aged and older pets. Without appropriate management strategies, arthritis can cause significant pain and mobility issues for these pets. Our South Shores Pet Clinic team wants to help by providing information about this painful disease and its management to improve [...]

Management Guidelines for Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats

The kidneys play a major role in maintaining a cat’s health and well-being, and when chronic kidney disease (CKD) compromises organ function, problems occur. CKD is common in cats, and the condition can be frustrating to manage. Our South Shores Pet Clinic team wants to help by providing CKD management guidelines for cats. Chronic kidney [...]

Does My Tail Make My Behind Look Big? Pet Obesity

You may jokingly describe me as “more to love,” but really, I’m miserable.  I’m your overweight pet. While I love what you feed me—all those extra treats taste great and make me feel special—the feeling only lasts for a moment, because I know those tidbits are adding up on my waistline and subtracting years from [...]

Why Regular Wellness Screening Is Important for Your Pet

While you know your pet’s annual wellness visit is important for maintaining their health, regular screening tests are essential for detecting disease in its earliest stage. Through early detection, your veterinarian may be able to manage or treat your pet’s health issues before they cause serious, irreversible damage. Our South Shores Pet Clinic team describes [...]

Deciding When to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

As a responsible pet owner, you should have your pet spayed or neutered, because these procedures are important for their good health and general wellbeing. However, knowing when to spay or neuter your pet can be confusing. Our South Shores Pet Clinic team wants to help by providing information about these procedures, and guidelines for [...]

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