Snakes and Pets—Not a Good Mix

Dogs and cats are notoriously curious about their environment. They want to investigate every hole, scent, and moving object, a tendency that puts them in danger when their exploration leads to a snake. Most snakes will not bother humans or pets if left alone, but will strike out if provoked. Our team at South Shores [...]

6 Facts About Feline Respiratory Infectious Diseases

If you’ve ever had a kitty with the sniffles, you’re certainly not alone. Contagious respiratory infections are the most common cause of illness in cats in shelters, according to Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program (MSMP) at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine. And, since many people are adopting cats and kittens from shelters or [...]

Protecting Your Pets From Common Poisons

Pets explore their environment and learn about their world with their nose and mouth, which can put them at risk of finding and ingesting toxic items. Most pet owners are astonished to learn how many toxic products they keep in their homes and yards. So, South Shores Pet Clinic wants to help you identify potential [...]

4 Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Tartar-Free

You’ve likely suffered through the pain of a toothache until that cavity was filled or a root canal performed, so you know that dental pain can be excruciating. Your unfortunate pet may have similar dental disease, but they are much less likely to complain about the discomfort. Dental disease is one of the most common [...]

Why Does My Puppy or Kitten Do That? Six Behaviors Explained

If one of your Christmas presents said “Meow” or “Woof,” you likely find yourself enthralled, but sometimes confused, by your new furry family member’s antics. Our South Shores Pet Clinic team would like to help you decode the following six behaviors—some normal, some not—so you and your furry Christmas gift can start your relationship off [...]

How to Keep Your Pet Safe During the Holidays

The holiday season is a magical time of year, but a pet emergency can quickly dampen your Christmas spirit. Toxic treats, dangerous foods, and decoration disasters can land your pet in the hospital faster than a shake of a reindeer tail. Our South Shores Pet Clinic team has seen many pets get into holiday mischief, [...]
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