At South Shores Pet Clinic, we go the extra mile to make your pet’s visits as pleasant as possible, and we’re always happy to learn that our efforts were a success. See below for what our clients are saying about their experiences at our clinic. We value our clients’ testimonials and feedback, and we gladly welcome yours!

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  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    We want to thank you very much for taking such good care of our late and truly beloved Yorkie, "Bam-Bam." My family and I are so devastated with his loss. Every day I grieve in my own personal and private way. Please express our most sincere thanks to everyone at your clinic who took care of Bam-Bam in their own special way. Also thank you and your entire staff for the beautiful floral arrangement sent to our home. That was so very kind and thoughtful and we truly appreciate it. We have been clients of yours for so many years and I am enclosing a picture of Bam-Bam for you to have, which I know you will appreciate. Again, thank you for all your professional wisdom and help over so many years when it came to medical help for our darling Bam-Bam’s well-being. Bam-Bam will never be replaced as each pet is so different with their unique personalities.

    -Joyce and Jim Nelson

  • Dear Dr. Weimer and staff,

    Thank you for all you did to help our dog Alexis when she became ill and hospitalized, we are forever grateful. We sincerely appreciate your kindness, compassion and care, especially when we had to make the difficult decision of putting Alexis to sleep. Even though she wasn’t with her family the last few days of her life, it is a comfort to know that she was in the absolute best care possible. We thank you so very much!

    -The Josie Family

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    Thank you so much for taking care of Tomi when I came in last month. You demonstrated a great deal of care and expertise during our visit. Tomi is okay now, but it has taken quite a lot of perseverance to get her back to normal. I never thought I’d have trouble getting her to eat! She is down to 16 lbs. now, which is good and I’ll keep monitoring the amount of food she gets.  I finally did realize that she bit into a philodendron plant that I had on my counter. POISON! I am glad she made it! Thanks so much!

    -Barbara West

  • Dr. Weimer,

    Thanks for being so nice, so thoughtful and so giving. So dog-gone great!! Once again you’ve gone beyond the call of duty! Can’t ever thank you enough.

    -Chris, Bear, Denise, Daniel and Hanna

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    Thank you so much for being a "Stud" and taking such good care of Ling and Shing. We are so grateful for your wisdom, compassion and time. You make the world a better place!

    -Patti, Les, and Lily E.

  • Dr. Steed,

    Thank you for taking such good care of Molly for 12 ½ years. Your understanding and sympathetic way helped us to get through this tough time. Molly went in a peaceful way. Thank you for everything.

    -Steve, Brenda, Lauren, and Bryan, Maddie, and Lady

  • Dr. Weimer,

    Thanks for taking care of Babe’s tooth. I think she is just about back to normal.

    -Jan Janura

  • Dr. Steed and staff,

    Thank you for helping to provide Peaches with a very good and long life. You helped her through a few very rough times, and with your knowledge, patience, kindness and determination, we learned a lot and she came through well. Thanks to each of you for all the time and effort you put forth each day for all of us. It is truly appreciated!

    -Pat Bailey

  • Dr. Weimer,

    On behalf of the Childs family, we would like to thank you for your pleasant handling of the news we had to hear regarding the terminal condition of our 12-year-old pet, Shug. You shared the information in a comforting manner and we appreciate it. We loved Shug and we were pleased with you as her last doctor.

    -Georgia Childs

  • Dear Dr. Steed and staff,

    I would like to thank all of you for the caring and professional treatment of my cat "Catmandu" who was there recently. She is doing very well and I am very appreciative of your skills and concern for her care. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do in helping our animal family members!

    -Julie Lewis

  • Dear Dr. Weimer,

    I wanted to thank you very much for all of the very gentle care you gave Koal over the past several years. Koal took his journey to the spirit world last week. He was able to spend his last 5 months living at the base of the Olympic Mountains in Washington. You helped us through so many things with Koal during our time in San Pedro, and I thank you for your kindness. Koal spent his last few days being surrounded with love from me and Bob. You are a wonderful doctor. Thank you!

    -Wendi Adamson

  • Dear South Shores Pet Clinic,

    Yesterday I brought my dog Uma in after she got into a fight with a cactus. The cactus won, and Uma had two painful thorns in her nose. You all were so nice and helpful. Big thanks to Cee Cee who was so kind with Uma. Uma is all better now, and I think she has learned her lesson.

    -Ally and Uma

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    I would like to thank you so much for taking my phone calls regarding Forrest. It would have been extremely hard on Forrest and me to bring him back and forth to your office each time.

    Forrest is doing a lot better. He is walking fine, playing, eating and drinking great also.

    His bowel movements and urinating are really good now with your suggestions of giving him the oil every other day. I am still also giving him the antibiotic. Also, thank you for your suggestion that I could give him water with a syringe and he is now drinking great. Again, I want to thank you so much for your kindness.

    -Carol Henry

  • Dear Dr. Weimer,

    We would like to express our many thanks to you for taking such great care of our cat, "Butch." He feels so much better and is eating the urinary s/o wet and dry food with a semi-smile on his face. To date, he is always into something to keep himself entertained and is continuously terrorizing his brother Kelly, who is also eating the same food as Butch. We appreciate all your concern and sincerity and all you have done for Butch! We thank you so much,

    -Diane Dittmar and Bob Trent (Butch’s mom and dad)

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    A note of thanks for the excellent care you’ve given me throughout the years. I know I have been a handful, but I do appreciate your years of experience and knowledge as a vet, but most important your kindness, compassion and caring you’ve given to me.

    -Your loyal lab Bailey

  • The Davids can’t thank you enough for all that you did for Maude! It was an extremely hard call, but you made it all a little easier. Thank you for the gorgeous flowers. What a nice surprise. I am sure we will see you again in the near future.

    -Laurie and PD

  • Dr. Steed and staff,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so kind and empathetic with my dog Mcleod!

    Your compassion and thoughtfulness means more than you will ever know. Thank you for everything!

    -Lisa and Mcleod Cinco

  • Dear Dr. Weimer,

    We would like to express our gratitude to you for the kindness you showed our family. Though we knew it was for the best, saying goodbye to our dear old friend Bogie was very difficult for us. By coming to our home, you allowed us to all be there together in his favorite spot in the backyard overlooking the ocean. I can’t begin to tell you how much comfort that gave all of us. It was a gift you gave us that we are most grateful for.

    -The O’Donnell Family

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    I wanted to thank you for helping out our rescue dog!! Even giving up lunch. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! By the way, Connie was so impressed with you as a vet and South Shores Pet Clinic that she is becoming your new patient. She said NEVER has she had a vet explain and take the time with her. YOU ARE THE BEST! I told our entire rescue team and they all want to thank you. This dog would have been put down by Long Beach Shelter had I not rescued him. He is really a sweetie and so is his new owner. Golden Hugs for this trying month.

    -Barbie Ellisen

  • Dear Dr. Weimer and staff,

    I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate all of your help and respect last week when I had to euthanize Eliot. Over the entire 13 ½ years of his life, you have been there for us, and you even withstood his fits of anger. Euthanizing a beloved pet is a difficult decision and a painful act, but I know you would allow us what we needed. Thanks again. You all do work you can be proud of.

    -Leslie Shea

  • To Dr. Steed and the office staff,

    I wanted to thank you for saving my little Maja’s life. She is very grateful to have a vet office that is so kind and loving to the animals that need them so much, especially since they can’t speak to us. You will always be in my heart and mind.

    -Erica Petrotta, Maja, Smokey and Blackey

  • Dear friends at South Shores,

    Thank you for the flowers and the nice card which you all personally signed. Elvis was a Macho cat, thanks to your care after his accident in 1997. He was one of a kind, and your kindness has made his loss less painful.

    -The Serrato Family

  • Dr. Steed, Dr. Weimer, and staff at SS Pet Clinic,

    We very much appreciate the beautiful flowers in memory of our dear companion, Reggie.

    -Mona and Bob Reddick

  • I am so grateful for Dr. Steed and Weimer keeping my dog Tortilla alive as long as they could. May God bless them and continue to bless them with the ability to save animals and cure them from many diseases. Please let them know that we thank them for their continued help. God bless.

    -Steven, Lorena, Sabrina, and Joshua

  • South Shores Pet Clinic,

    On 2/14, Dr. Steed took out a heck of a lot of teeth. You told me to put them under my pillow. Look, I got doggie cookies and you got a box of Sees candy! Yum! Enjoy!

    -Pepper Sheridan
    P.S. My breath is so sweet now...

  • Dear Dr. Steed, Dr. Weimer, and all the staff,

    I really wanted to thank all of you for all your efforts in trying to save my "Marina." Over the past 10 years, you gave us such great and caring service. In the end, it was very difficult to let go of Marina and say goodbye, but you all helped me through it with your compassion and understanding. So thank you so much for everything you did for us and everything you do for other animals and their owners. And a special thank you to Dr. Steed for your honesty and expertise.

    -Donna Sanabria
    P.S. a part of me feels better knowing she is at Rainbow Bridge

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    Many thanks for your efforts and care of Doc. We appreciate your patience and the time you spent with us through his treatments.

    -Christy and George

  • Dr. Weimer,

    I wanted to thank you again for being so patient and understanding with Clyde during his appointment today. I could not have asked for a better visit.

    -Tracy Burke

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    All it took was a lot of love...lots of prayers...and the best doctor in the world! Thank you for making me all better.

    -Rosy Perry
    P.S. My sister Rosy, my mom Debra, and my aunt Linda send their thanks and love forever. GOOD WORK!

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    Our many thanks for your support and guidance for taking care of our "Duke" these past 11 years!! We deeply appreciate everything you did for Duke.

    -Helen and Pat Theodora

  • Dear Doctors Steed and Weimer and staff,

    We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the care you gave Verde Beggar. She was a very special little dog and we are missing her greatly. But among the things that made her so special was her appetite for life. To the end, she loved to go on her walks. This was in spite of her severe arthritis. What kept her going was the care and medication you gave her. Without your skill in repairing her torn ligament, she would have lost the ability to go on long walks many years ago. Without the diagnosis and treatment for Cushing’s disease, she could not have lasted as long as she did. She led a long and full life to the end, and you helped make it that way. But beyond your skill and professional care, we are especially thankful for the affection and compassion you had for her. She never liked going in for treatment (mostly I think because she was apprehensive that she as going to get a bath), but she was always happy to see the people. Your touch, to her, was fair and golden. We shall be forever grateful for it. We also want to express our thanks for the beautiful flowers. They grace her favorite resting place. Whenever she had the opportunity while she was out, she liked to lie down in a flower bed. I think she appreciated the scents.

    -Larry and Ida Baker

  • Dr. Steed,

    You have always been there to help me to best care for Liebchen, Poor Boy, and now Caleb and Pita. I can’t thank you enough for the constant contact, thorough and compassionate care you’ve shown over the years. Thank you for helping me understand and cope with the concerns regarding Caleb. Thanks for giving us hope! Today is your long day, so hopefully the pumpkin raisin bread and brownies will make the day a little nicer. Thank you. 

    -Sue, Jeff, and Caleb Shaw

  • Dr. Steed,

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help with Rookie. Thank you! You were right. He is a complete ball hound. Check out this picture with him holding three tennis ball in his mouth!

  • South Shores Pet Clinic,

    Thanks to all of you for taking such good care of Kimba.

    -Ted and Meredith Gibbs

  • Dear Dr. Steed,

    Words cannot express our gratitude to you, Dr. Weimer, and each and every one of your devoted staff members at SSPC for the loving and compassionate care given to our Bailey over the years, and especially the last few months. Bailey was blessed to have you as her doctor. With your care, she enjoyed a long and wonderful life as a member of our family.

    -Chris and Jaime Parker and Kayla

  • Dr. Steed,

    Thank you for taking such good care of Johnny!

    -Jana Melville

  • Dear Dr. Steed and Dr. Weimer and staff,

    Thank you for the beautiful flowers in memory of our little Amanda who has now been reunited with Buffy, Mary Muggins, Mindy, and Cody. A special thank you to Dr. Weimer for putting up with me, to Rino, who is always so compassionate and caring, to Patrice for giving me the poem "The Rainbow Bridges." And to the rest of the staff, thank you for always taking such wonderful care of our dogs.

    -Britt K.

  • Dr. Steed,

    Just a little note to thank you for helping Jasmine this morning. She’s been through so much being abandoned. I personally wanted to thank you for your help, as it is appreciated more than you know. Use yours surgeons magic touch and make Jasmines "half-ears" beautiful. Thank you so much.

    -Rynna Ollivier

  • Dr. Weimer and Dr. Steed,

    We wanted to personally thank you for all of your compassion and excellent care that you provided to Sadie, my Dad and us. You are both such wonderful veterinarians. We are so blessed to have you caring for our pets and we find your staff members to be always caring and professional. Todd and I know that Sara and Pugs are in the best hands! Many thanks!

    -Todd and Randi Walter

  • Dr. Steed,

    Thank you once again for taking a look at BABE and treating her. I have great confidence in your skill and ability and am very grateful for your personal involvement. Thanks so much.

    -Jan Janura

  • Dr. Steed, Dr. Weimer, and the entire staff of South Shore Pet Clinic,

    Words cannot begin to express the gratitude and appreciation we feel for you. We cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you have provided to Butch and Sundance, our beloved Australian Shepherds, over the past 12-13 years. You have always cared for them as if they were your own and would selflessly give of your time in emergencies to personally help in any way you could. You have always used the most modern techniques and we were always confident the proper care would be given when they were brought to you. Knowing they were in your very capable hands always made us very comfortable. We are both very sad that Butch and Sundance have passed on. However, we find comfort in knowing they lived long, healthy and happy lives; much of which can be contributed to the loving care provided by the staff at South Shores Pet Clinic. With heartfelt appreciation, thank you so very much!!

    -David and Bambu Kluck


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