Preventative Care: Pet Wellness Exams

Since pets age about seven times faster than humans, it’s important to give them the best possible care they need at every life stage. South Shores Pet Clinic recommends annual wellness exams for pets of all ages as a preventative measure, with more frequent exams for senior pets. These exams can help detect serious conditions, allowing us to treat them in the early phases—before they become unmanageable.

By visiting us annually, you can discuss your pet’s future health outlook and ask questions about any existing conditions. Be sure to take note of any severe changes that have occurred with your pet, including vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, weight gain/loss, excessive thirst, or increased panting or aggression. If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms or has developed any abnormal behavior since their last wellness exam, please inform our veterinarians.

During your pet wellness exam, our veterinary staff can perform:

Click on the headers below to learn about the wellness exam for puppies/kittens, adult pets, and senior pets.

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Puppy and Kitten Exams

Adult Pet Exams

Senior Pet Exams

"I really wanted to thank all of you for all your efforts in trying to save my “Marina”. Over the past 10 years, you gave us such great and caring service. In the end, it was very difficult to let go of Marina and say goodbye, but you all helped me through it with your compassion and understanding. So thank you so much for everything you did for us and everything you do for other animals and their owners. And a special thank you to Dr. Steed for your honesty and expertise."


P.S. a part of me feels better knowing she is at Rainbow Bridge

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