Dog Training

Does your dog love to chew on things he shouldn’t, like your shoes or furniture? Does your dog hear "bad dog" more than her own name? If so, consider Way of the Dog canine counseling and training with founder Brian Lee and Doggie Boot Camp with David Dickey. South Shores Pet Clinic proudly endorses these canine training organizations and can attest to their success. If you’re looking for a dog trainer near Los Angeles, please consider the ones below.

Way of the Dog Training

With over 27 years of experience as a dog trainer and behaviorist, Brian Lee has trained more than 10,000 dogs throughout his career. His training includes not only obedience training for adult dogs and puppies, but behavior modification and owner education as well. Way of the Dog offers several private training session options that can take place in the comfort of your home, on location in Redondo Beach, CA or on location at a number of other venues. If you would like to learn more about Brian Lee’s Way of the Dog canine training sessions, call (310) 543-0375.

Doggie Boot Camp

Founded by David Dickey, Doggie Boot Camp offers a different twist to dog training. David has been training dogs for over 30 years. He only takes a few dogs at a time for intensive, consistent, positive training in his home environment. He handles everything from house training, basic obedience, and various behavioral issues, from separation anxiety to aggression. David’s philosophy on the most successful training is to have multiple people who reinforce your dog’s training every day. This is an advantage because your dog will learn to perform the training or modified behavior for everyone, not just the trainer. In addition to the training are follow-up sessions included at your home at no extra cost to make sure the training successfully works at your home.

"She’s been through so much being abandoned. I personally wanted to thank you for your help, as it is appreciated more than you know. Use yours surgeons magic touch and make Jasmines "half-ears" beautiful. Thank you so much,"


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